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Team Building: Held together like a rock

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Sign up for this collective adventure. Your group will find themselves immersed in an experience full of collaborative dynamics focused around climbing. Strengthen the confidence of the group and bond its members.

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“Team Building” is done by activities or exercises that bring the members of a group together as a team.

During the day there are a number of different activities planned.

Starting out with a basic introduction to climbing (materials, belaying techniques, basic movements), we provide the group with everything they will need to follow the rest of the itinerary, a series of games and challenges.

In these activities, participants improve the efficiency of their work teams by boosting their confidence, their cooperation and leadership skills while bonding their team and strengthening their teamwork.



Days: Whenever you want

Point of departure: Obelisco / Plaza Maspalomas

Time of departure: 9:00 h am

Locations: Fataga / Sorrueda / Tamadaba

Difficulty: Low – Level 1- Beginners

Languages: Spanish and English

Duration: 6 hours

Minimum number of persons: 10

Maximum number of persons: 30


Certified Mountaineering sport technician specialized in climbing (expert level).

The necessary material for the activity


Route insurance

Souvenirs Photos (Facebook fanpage)


Form a group

Children must be at least 7 years old. Minors must come accompanied and with a written authorization

Climbers must be in acceptable physical condition and with the right attitude towards participating in the activity. No recent injuries

Not under the influence of alcohol, medicines or drugs

Not pregnant

You should not be very afraid of heights

Come adequately dressed with sport clothes

Closed sport shoes

Bring sunscreen

1.5L of drinking water.


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