• Calidad 2Various long technical routes. Great atmosphere.
  • Cuerda largaMany routes require a rope more than 70 m rope to lower-off or lowering-off in two stages.
  • ClimatologíaIn rainy weather there could be water running in the drop-off and through the access route. This sector is ideal during summer.
  • Tiempo20-min car drive from Las Palmas de GC.
  • NorteThe main sector looks north.
  • Poco solThe most important sectors are in the shade during most part of the day.
  • Si con lluviaCan be climbed in gentle rain.
  • No desprendimientosThe rock is very compact.
  • Roca adherenteGood adherence.

Check the weather in El Cenobio:

Check the schedules of the buses that go to this sector:

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  1. Claes
    | Reply

    We tried going to El Cenobio yesterday. The road to the parking spot is very bad, lots of rocks and holes. There has been a land slide at bridge pillars. We walked past the pillars but didn’t manage to find our way to the sectors so we turned back.

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