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Camp: Chest’s Secrets

We have prepared for this summer a very special adventure for your little explorers. A 6-days camp in which they can discover the Chest’s Secrets

This adventure is focused on children between 7 and 13 years old and it has been codesigned with a company specialized in deduction and mystery games and offering unforgettable experiences to your explorers.

All starts when:

The participants went some days to the countryside to enjoy some days in the nature, but they didn’t expect to arrive another place, where long time ago an Amazigh Pirate arrived to the coast of Gran canaria and left a chest with treasures from his last robs.

The chest will be found by these explorers and before open it a note will be found indicating the dangers of opening the chest, that is protected by 13 locks.

Your explorers will be immersed within this fantastic story during 6 days. They will be discovering clues, passing dares and collaborating with their friends to complete this adventure.

The participants will be following all kind of courses during the week. They will be developing aspects such as confidence, communication, cooperation, survivance, ecology, recycling, anthropology, logic, deduction or learning about ropes.

They also will enjoy 2 trips during the stay. They will discover the secrets of Artenara and learning how to climb in rock, secure and funny.

Let your children enjoy this exciting unforgettable experience!



Days: Monday – Saturday during July and August.

 Departure Point: Fuente Luminosa. Plaza de los Derechos Humanos

Meeting Time: 09:00 h

Stay: Climbo Basecamp, inner Rural Hotel El Molino de Agua

Level: Low – Level 1 – Beginner

Languages: Spanish

Lasting: 6 days

Min. Children Number: 20

Max. Children Number: 40


Camp Expert Guides. Ratio 1:7

Staying in a tent, 1 every 2 children

Explorer’s Kit

All material needed for the activities





At least 8 years old

Children must be in acceptable physical condition and with the right attitude towards participating in the activity. No recent injuries.

Mat, sleeping bag and torch

Attack backpack and toilet bag

Clothes and coat, swimsuit and towel

Closed sport shoes and flip flops

Encuentra toda la información que necesitas aquí, o llámanos al 687 512 500


If you are interested your child taking part in this adventure, we invite you to our info meetings. They will be hosted at La Casa de los Enigmas, Senador Castillo Olivares, 39. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

  • 1st June, 19:00
  • 15th June, 19:00.

If you want, you can also contact with the organisation calling to (+34) 687 512 500.



Chest’s Secrets Camp is an adventure lasting 6 days, from Monday till Saturday. You can pick so many weeks as you want under 6 sessions.

Camp sessions will be hosted at the following dates:

  1.   26th June – 2nd July (CLOSED: completed)
  2.   3rd July – 8th July
  3.   10th July – 15th July
  4.   17th July – 22nd July
  5.   24th July – 29th July
  6.   31st July – 5th August
  7.   7th July – 12th August




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