Rock Climbing on the Canary Islands

Thanks to the mild temperatures throughout the year, the Canary Islands offer perfect conditions for a unique climbing destination 365 days a year.

Due to the volcanic origin of the islands, numerous climbing areas, varying in degrees of difficulty and rock types, have emerged.

Especially the island of Gran Canaria, offers a wide range of climbing opportunities due to its different climate zones. From steep cliffs to canyons there is a wide range of different climbing spots. The endless climbing areas, such as Sorrueda and Tamadaba , also offer a fantastic view over the beautiful landscape of Gran Canaria.

The over  650 climbing routes go from F4 to F8c+ and offer endless options for both, beginners and professionals.


Climbo Canary Islands: Climbing guidebook Gran Canaria

At Climbo Gran Canaria we specialized on both, climbing enthusiasts as well as all adventure and sports fans, to offer them all the numerous activities that this island has to offer.

In our climbing guidebook you will find all the current climbing areas of the island. With a detailed description and information about the regions, as well as photos.

All routes are listed with their level of difficulty according to the French scale, so you can plan your climbing route perfectly in advance.

In addition, the climbing guidebook of Gran Canaria contains many other important information regarding the climbing areas, such as weather conditions or a detailed description of how to access the routes.

The climbing guidebook is available in Spanish and English. If you are interested, please contact us directly.


Climbing course Gran Canaria

If you are looking for a climbing course for your next holiday in Gran Canaria, then you are just at the right place. Gran Canaria offers perfect opportunities, especially for climbing beginners, thanks its numerous climbing areas.

Our professional climbing courses will guide you safely while climbing. All our guides are fluent in english.

You already have climbing experience, but would like to venture on a natural rock for the first time? First of all, we recommend that you book one of our climbing courses with a local guide. So you can learn all the important differences between a climbing hall and the natural rock. Like that you will feel save to move around afterwards by yourself in all the resting climbing areas of the island.

Let us know your current climbing level (French scale), we will design the right routes just for you.

You can book our courses directly on our website. Experience a unique climbing day from 75 € per person( if you are two people), by the hand of a local guide and enjoy the beautiful nature of Gran Canaria.